SafeSide Office Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a good time to stay connected and get ideas from people outside your immediate context.

As the epidemic transform care, join us for SafeSide web-based Office Hours where you can ask questions, share experiences, and hear from others around the world facing similar challenges.

What are SafeSide Office Hours?

They are monthly video chats hosted by SafeSide where people who have participated in the SafeSide video-guided learning can ask questions and discuss their experiences using the framework with Dr.Tony Pisani, Kristina Mossgraber, Dr. Sarah Donovan, and others who are using the framework around the world.

What will I get out of Office Hours?

Office Hours are designed to help you build upon your experiences participating in the SafeSide video-guided learning and strengthen your use of the framework. When you participate in Office Hours, in addition to getting updates and asking questions of Dr. Tony Pisani and his team, you will:

  • Be better equipped to apply the framework day-to-day as suicide concerns arise, whether you work in a direct or supervisory capacity;
  • Hear about questions or situations you may not have thought of, but that can enhance your work;
  • Get research highlights in suicide prevention and discussion of how new findings mesh with the framework;
  • Be more aware of pitfalls in suicide prevention, and how to avoid them;

And you’ll be connected with other people around the world doing the same work.

Who should attend SafeSide Office Hours?

Anyone who is using the framework and wants to learn with others about how to apply it. We would love to have so many attendees that we have to add more!

Do I have to be on video?

We recommend joining via video rather than call-in alone because in almost every Office Hours we use screen sharing to highlight resources or connect what we’re discussing to a specific part of the framework. It also helps us get to know each other better. But yes, you can opt to just call in and still have a great experience.

How many people attend Office Hours?

It varies. We find as more of you bring your questions and experiences, Office Hours are becoming an increasingly rich forum for our SafeSide Community to talk about successes and challenges.

I have a topic for Office hours, but I’m not comfortable asking them directly during the meeting. Can I bring them up another way?

Contact us to ask that a topic or question be addressed in Office Hours. We’re all learning together, so if you have a question you’re wondering about, there are probably others that are wondering the same thing.

Do you record Office Hours?

Yes. We release excerpts of Office Hours to share rich conversations with those who couldn't attend. If you want to join without being recorded, don't enable your camera. We also always have chat function enabled, so you can ask questions and interact without speaking.

I want to attend Office Hours but I never know when they are. How do I get invited?

Contact us and we'll verify our information to be sure you start receiving the invitations.

I don't have much experience with Zoom. Where can I learn more?

Human Scale Business made our favorite one pager on how to Zoom like a champ. Note: we don't know the folks at Human Scale or their work, so we can only endorse the awesome page they made.

These tutorials are helpful too: Join a Meeting & Joining & Configuring Audio and Video