Access Your SafeSide Library

SafeSide programs, tools, and resources in one central location

Review resources you've completed and engage with new ones.

What is a SafeSide Library?

If your organization has partnered with SafeSide, you have a SafeSide Library. The Library includes video-guided group modules and tons of additional resources like:

  • New modules and refreshers released throughout the year to keep you current with suicide prevention best practices and research
  • Curated excerpts from Office Hours so you can keep up with the conversation if you miss a month.
  • Downloadable tools and resources like documentation templates and clinical planning tools to put learning into practice.

How do I get to my SafeSide Library?

When you complete a post-training evaluation after any SafeSide learning program, a SafeSide Library will be prepared for you. Within a day or two, you'll get an email asking you to create a password for your account.

Each organization has their own customized to their needs so content can vary a little, but this two-minute screencast provides a quick tour of what to expect:

2-min Overview of SafeSide Library

Dr. Sarah Donovan, Director of Learning Transfer

I've facilitated SafeSide and I already have an account. How do I see my SafeSide Library?

Log in to your account and you will see your SafeSide Library. If you don't remember how to get to your account or you forgot your password, try this. Still having difficulty? Contact us.